November 7, 2012
G-Dragon and Plastic Surgery


1. I will not hesitate to admit that this IS speculation and gossip. I do gossip about Big Bang, as much as I try to tell myself that ‘I don’t care, only their music matters’, I know deep in my heart, that I do care, because honestly, to me, it isn’t just about their music, it’s about their looks and their charisma and their stage presence and their person/persona. I will be lying if I said otherwise. 

2. I know that plastic surgery is not something that anyone would publicize because it is frowned upon by many people still, in Korea and everywhere else. I’m writing this from a non-judgemental perspective, just like the way I talk about how GD fixed his teeth or about his tattoos. I hope you do too, and not see me as out to flame, shame or hate on him. 

3. I have nothing against plastic surgery. If I had the guts, the money and wasn’t so afraid of long-term side-effects or pain, I probably would have done some minor adjustments to my face. 

3. This was actually brought to my attention to my friend (if you are reading this: hello you’ve found my Tumblr!). So I wouldn’t take credit for this ‘discovery’ haha. 

4. I will not be posting ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. I’m just putting this out, pictures can be found easily with a quick Google search. And I am not a professional at spotting post-surgery effects, so I don’t want to pretend to be cleverer than I actually am by posting pictures and pointing to this and pointing to that. I may be wrong. 


Now that’s all over. 

I decided to write about this because a) no one has brought it up anywhere in any discussion forums and b) it is getting pretty obvious, based on recent photos. So during his solo comeback, I noticed that he had this amazing V-line, it was especially obvious during his Crayon performances when he wears shades. I was gushing over it, I mean he looked gorgeous. I just assumed that he had slimmed down for his comeback, since it is an important occasion for him. 

Then my friend told me that GD most likely had plastic surgery (V-line surgery) since Alive promotions to smooth out his jawline. A good side profile picture, perhaps from his Heartbreaker days versus another picture taken recently will show you the difference. I doubt he actually reconstructed his jaw, it is probably due to injections which changed the jawline gradually because his V-line did slowly get narrower from Alive promos to One of A Kind promos. I didn’t even notice anything different about him during Alive, even with his extensions which should frame his face and make his jawline more obvious.

So that’s it! Just want to add that he IS gorgeous now (and always will be). I was actually pretty happy to find out that there are non-reconstructive methods to achieve a V-line, but that’s for my own personal information, ahem.  

P.S: Some of you guys might want to argue that YG doesn’t allow plastic surgery in his artiste contracts. Well. YG did say that he is banning GD from getting more tattoos and look what he got above his navel… … … (the ellipses are my response, not to the flouting of rules, but to the choice of tattoo… … …)   

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